Lucky Patcher (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

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​I'm going to answer some of the most question about lucky patcher, so let's start now:

1. How To Download Lucky Patcher App?

Ans: To download lucky patcher app in your android device you have used an installer name LP installer.

  • ​Download the installer and install in your device.
  • ​Open the installer. You will see a dialog box. Just tap on the OK button.
  • ​It will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • ​If you third-party source is unable just allow it from the setting.
  • ​After a few seconds, you will have successfully installed lucky patcher app in your device.

​2. How To Install Lucky Patcher App?

Ans: You just need to download the app in your device first. It is better to download the LP installer. If you download and install the LP installer in your device, it will install Lucky patcher apk in your device automatically.

3. Can Lucky Patcher Hack All The Games?

Ans: Yes. You can hack almost all the games using lucky patcher. To hack all the games you have to ask for the custom patches on the website. If you get the custom patches then it is no matter to hack the game.

4. How To Block Ads With Lucky Patcher?

Ans: Select the app which you want to block ads and open lucky patcher. You will see an option Patch to “Remove Google Ads”. Click on this option. Hope, your ads will be blocked from the app.

5. How To Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher?

Ans: At first you have to confirm your internet connection. If the internet connection is working well, well. Select the targeted app and open LP from the home screen. There you will find an option “Remove License Verification”. Select the option and tap on the auto mood. Hope you will see the result.

6. Which Games Are Compatible With Lucky Patcher?

Ans: Most of the online games are compatible with lucky patcher that you can hack normally. You can hack COC, racing games, etc easily by the app.  

7. Is Using Lucky Patcher illegal?

Ans: Is a legal sense, yes it is illegal. It is a hacking tool. When you are deleting any license and getting coins or gems free without playing the game, you are running the app illegally. Deleting an app license is an illegal task. 

8. Does Lucky Patcher Have Any iOS App?

Ans: Currently No. You cannot find any IOS app at the present time. But after a few time, you may have ios app.

9. Is There Any Alternative To Lucky Patcher?

Ans: Yes, there are many alternatives of Lucky Patcher. You know different apps or tools carry different specifications. Lucky patcher is quite different from other apps. This single app can get you a lot of pleasure within a while. You can hack games, customize apps, delete a license, get paid apps and games free, and many more. 

10. Why Lucky patcher Is Not Available On Play Store?

Ans: Lucky patcher is a third party app. You cannot find any third party in the Google play store. On more reason that it is a hacking tool used to hack and customize other apps. Google will not permit such apps which damage other apps. 

11. Why Lucky Patcher Is Not Working?

Ans: There are several reasons for lucky patcher is not working. The first reason could be that you didn’t install the app in a proper way. You have to follow the instruction completely to install the app successfully. On the other hand, it requires 2 GB in your device to function properly. If your device carries below 2 GB ram, it will not work.

12. Why Does Lucky Patcher Can’t Hack Online Games?

Ans: Online games are more secure than offline games. Online games always run on the internet. Whenever it is connected with the internet the authority observes the game movement.

13. What Is The Actual Purpose Of Lucky Patcher?

Ans: The actual purpose of Lucky Patcher is to help the people giving premium style. You know only a few amounts of people can use paid apps and games. Lucky patchers want to distribute the pleasure of premium look to everyone.

14. Is Lucky Patcher A Safe App To use?

Ans: Yes, Lucky Patcher is safe to use. Though it requires rooting your phone previously, it is safe to use. It does not take any personal data from you. It does not work automatically unless you order anything. It will not harm any apps on your smartphone.

15. What Is A Custom Patch In Lucky Patcher?

Ans: A custom patch is Lucky patcher is a data for a targeted app. if you want to hack any app or customize the app, you have to get a custom patch of the app. The custom patch is a kind of data that helps you to hack the app.

16. Why Does Lucky Patcher Take So Much Times To Get Installed?

Ans: Lucky patcher is a third party app. You cannot find this app in the Google play store. When you are installing the app in your device it will take much time. Google does not permit such an app in android devices. But it will be installed automatically by arranging permission. To get permission from Google, it takes time.

17. What Does ODEX In Lucky Patcher Mean?

Ans: ODEX is the condition or position of your current app. When you operate an app with lucky patcher, it records the previous condition and new condition of the app. It means it holds all the data of the previous condition of your app.

18. Can You Get Banned From Games If You Use Lucky Patcher?

Ans: Yes, you can get Banned from games if you use lucky patcher. You know it is a hacking tool. Whenever the game authority catches you that you are following an illegal way, you will be banned from the game.

19. How Can I Install Modded Play Store App?

Ans: You can download the Modded play store from the official page of Lucky patcher free.

20. How Can I Root My Android Device?

Ans: You can root your android device by installing several apps. Just go to play store and search root apps. You will find a bunch of rooting apps. Just go as they said in the instruction to root your device.

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