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Lucky patcher apk is the key weapon to mod any game or app in your smart device according to your choice and will. Using this app, you can certainly change any permission, access, and control over the app.

Game and app developers are creating their apps and games with a little bit of hidden access that you cannot use or access. If you want to use full specification of the app or game, you need to buy their access to enjoy the full feature. It is really a technique to get more money from a single app or game for the developers.

Lucky patcher is offering that total access that you needed to buy from the developers with a certain amount. Now you can get all the specification within your hand just free. Lucky patcher apk v6.4.9 allows you to use almost all kind of apps free with license keys. So, you are able to use any Android or iOS apps with an accessible license key.

​You may think that lucky patcher apk v6.4.9 is a hacking tool for the original app and you cannot get the pleasure of an original apk. I must say though it seems like hacking stuff, it allows you to use apps with original specifications and license.

Lucky Patchers Apk

Once you download this amazing app you can achieve verity necessary things in your app or game. Look below the services that you may need.

​Block ads: Using lucky patcher apk latest version you can simply block ads in your apps or games. Normally, you can stop showing unnecessary ads from your apps or games by paying a certain amount. But you are getting your apps or games ads free just using lucky patcher app.

Remove system apps: You would find your smartphone or device with various unnecessary system apps. You know that all these apps absorb space in your ram and ROM. After a certain period, these apps make your device slow and disgusting. But now you can remove these apps using lucky patcher that you cannot remove normally.

Backup apps: There are many reasons to reset your smart device. Once you reset your device, you will lose every apps and game. Lucky patchers can restore your apps with full of complete data what had before resetting your phone. 

Move app to SD card: You know better that you cannot move system app into SD card. If you try unknowingly that you are not liable to move the apps into SD card, you failed. Now you can do anything you want with this app. lucky patcher latest version will break down all kind of hindrances which comes between you and your smartphone. 

Remove license from paid app and games: Almost all the licensed apps or games are sold with a certain period of time. The app or game authority provides a license key to install into your apps or games. This type of license key lasts for a few days what the controlling authority accessed. You can remove this license key using lucky patcher 2019 apk latest version so that you would not need to pay for the license key.

Get free coins and gems: This is a great opportunity to get free coins and gems in your games. You will get unlimited coins, gems, weapons, and currency within just a few clicks on the app. This app will show you the gaming opportunities as category wise. You need to understand the option carefully to get all that opportunity. To get that much coin, gold, gems, and weapon you need to play the game for several months. Lucky patcher latest apk offers you a lot of coins free which is also unlimited.

Get paid app without paying: This is the most amazing feature of LP. Lucky patcher app provides you the opportunity to get paid app in your phone without paying the costs. LP is becoming popular for this feature that one can enjoy all the premium options of an app without spending a coin. Just after installing the app, you would get all the feature and opportunity of using such kind of app.

Converting any apps to system app: You know, system apps are faster than other apps in your device. It is because system apps take space into the ram first that is why it operates very fast. Now you can convert any app of your phone into a system app in just a second.

Lucky Patcher Latest Version APK Features

Download Lucky Patcher App

App Name

Lucky Patcher

File Type


Current Version





7.22 MB



Official website





Total downloads

1 Billion+


Android 2.3+

Update On

July 1, 2019

​You Need to Know Before Downloading the Lucky Patcher App

After downloading the app, you would see the app as a Malware, virus or harmful app. But it is not a Malware as well as virus or harmful app. You just need to turn off app protection from Google play store. Once you turn off play protection from the Google play store you would not see this warning anymore.

Lucky Patcher Apk Original Free Download

On the other hand, if you search Lucky Patcher latest version in your search bar, you would see many results on your search bar. You would suggest you go the official page of Lucky patcher so that you would find the original information and app. You can simply gather information from this website also.

Note: You may face in the installation of lucky patchers. To avoid this kind of disturbance, the Lucky authority has made an installer app. If you download this installer first, you would not face any problem anymore installing the original Lucky Patchers.

Click the download link below the download the lucky patcher apk installer.

Now look below to see lucky patcher 9.5.3 apk download for android in your Smartphone. Follow the steps carefully and obey the commands to install successfully.

Google modded app: At first you need to download the app from this website or you can download the modded app from Google play store if you want. The modded lucky patcher 9.3.3 apk will a bypass license if you download the modded version of the app.

One more thing is that the modded version require root device install. Make sure that your phone is rooted before downloading the LP app. To download the modded version click below the download link.

Custom patches: Custom patches are the recently added patches for different apps. Many developers work on custom patches and submit their creation for your use so that you won’t face any problem using the apps.

How to Install Lucky Patcher Apk in Your Device?

How to install lucky patcher
  • Open lucky patcher installer from your home screen
  • You will find a dialog “Do you want to install lucky patcher 9.5.3 apk”. Here, you have to click on the Yes button to begin the installation for original lucky patcher apk in your device.
  • Now it will take few seconds to prepare the original lucky patcher latest apk. You would see a scroll or finishing bar on the display.
  • After a few seconds, you may see a wizard asking for permission for third-party app. You need to go to setting and click on “Allow from this source”
  • After going to setting you would see toggle. Switch on the toggle to allow from this source.
  • Now you see the installation button on the screen with New and All dialog box. You have click on the install button to begin the install.
  • After a few seconds, you can see “Congratulations! You have successfully installed the lucky patcher app”
  • Now open Lucky patcher app. You would see a dialog box asking for permission to uninstall the LP installer app.

Requirements to Install

  1. As an advanced tool for the android device, you need to full fill its requirements to install into your device. Without these filling these requirements, you may install the app but it will not work properly.
  2. To install the app, your device must have at least 2.33 (GINGERBREAD). So whatever device phone, smart Android device, or TV, you must have this android version minimum.
  3. It needs 2 GB ram to function properly and fast.
  4. You must have 8 GB internal storage to work properly as you want.
  5. You can use the lucky patcher apk latest version in your rooted or none rooted device accurately. We recommend you to root your device to get a better result from the app.

​Some Instruction Read Below

We have written some instruction to customize your running apps.

Removing license verification:

lucky patcher license verification
  1. To customize or patch any app, you have to select the original apk file which is designed or developed by the original authority.
  2. Now select any app which needs to remove license verification and always tap on the “Remove license verification” option into the app.
  3. Now select “Auto Mode” and check the app with proper internet connection and access.
  4. You would the success dialog. If it fails then try again with Auto Mode (Inverse) or “Extreme Auto Mode”.
  5. Now we hope you will have a successfully registered app.
  6. Next, if you want to go back into the previous state of the app, you change it by selecting “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

Removing Google Ads:

How to remove ads with Lucky Patcher
  1. Select the apps which need to remove Google ads and select “Remove Google Ads” option in the app.
  2. Now select “Patch to remove Google Ads”.
  3. Now check your internet connection to ensure the save change. Now run the app with a good internet connection.
  4. Then, if you see ads again, unfortunately, select “Disable Ads Activities” from the app screen. You would simply get the option to “Disable Ads Activities”.  
  5. Now, there is nothing to do. We hope, the ads will not appear anymore.
  6. If you want to get back the previous position of the app just click on the “Remove ODEX with Change” or “Restore”

Custom Patch:

  • Select the app first which you want to custom patch. Now select “Custom Patch” option from the app.
  • Check your internet connection. You must have an internet connection to do such things because Patch data will come from the app server.
  • We hope, you have got your apps custom patch successfully.
  • Now if you want to get back your previous app condition, just select “Remove ODEX with Change” or “Restore”.

Change App Permissions:

  • At first, select the app to change permission and select “Change Permission” option from the app.
  • Select the Red button to select the permission for disable.
  • Select the Green button to select the permission for enable.
  • Now just reboot the app from the option.

Create a Modified APK:

  1. At first, select the app or apps which you want to modify and select “Create Modified APK” option into the app.
  2. Now choose the option for Modified APK.
  3. You can find the modified app in the folder/sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified.
  4. Your modified app will not be like the original app. It is modified that is why you would see some changes in the app.
  5. Already you have understood the patch process which is very easy to apply. Once you customize a simple app, you will have an idea how to customize an app by LP.

Being a third party app, lucky patcher apk latest version needs a few complications to install first. After installing the app, you will enjoy the app with full of your desires.

We have written some instruction also to use the app firstly. You would find more instruction with the passing time.

If you need more information about the app, you may knock into this website free.

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